Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts talk about writing

Nicholas Sparks is not one of my favorite writers.  Having never truly witnessed the kind of relationships that he prefers to write about it is tough for me to relate to him.

When he talks about never loving writing...I do agree.  There are times a get so aggravated and irritated with the story and myself.  I love when he said that he continues to write because it is a self driven need to be better than the last. That is what I am in the middle of now.  I was not in love with my first  book.  This one is a chance at redemption.

I could not let N pass with the mention of Nora Roberts...

Nora is amazing. She is adorable and so funny to listen to her stories.  She writes so fast...and it is the nuns fault. Too bad I didn't spend more time with those nuns.  I sure could use some of her writing speed.  I love how she said that the muse is crap!  She said, "that Sister Mary's responsibly will kick the muse's ass." So true.

Habit is the key.  You can fix a bad page but not a blank one.  Love her. Now to go back to my habit.


  1. Haha good play on words, and yes I agree, just write something!

  2. "You can fix a bad page but not a blank one."
    I should engrave those words on my forehead.