Sunday, April 8, 2012

Harper Lee

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Harper Lee wrote a single book, "To Kill a Mocking Bird." Sometimes one is more than enough.  Could this be proof that there is at least one novel in all of us?

Harper Lee grew up a rough and tumble girl, much like her character Scout.  She witnessed her father go through a similar case as the one portrayed in her novel. Unlike her father character in the book, her dad fell apart after the case.  He stopped being a lawyer and would rarely leave the house.


  1. interesting post
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  2. Never realized the book was that close to a real life story. That's so sad about her real dad.

    xoxo Lloralye @ Adorning Schemes A to Z

  3. I never knew that. It's so sad, really.

  4. I didn't realize the book was based off true events.