Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kevin O'Brien on keeping people terrified

O'Brien's story is inspiring.  We all fail sometimes and our lowest periods in life can proceed our greatest achievements.

I truly enjoyed the section on outlining.  I always worried I was too detailed.  This was helpful in as a form of laying it out.  I also was interested in the section on writers groups. I have never been able to have a writing group.  I don't know where to find them...they hide in plain sight I am sure.


  1. Great interview! I totally agree with his opinion regarding outlines, which is my topic of the day for the A to Z Challenge. I live in Seattle, as well, but have not found any appropriate writing groups. I do, however, have many critique partners across the country who help my the same way his group does. Though I am now interested in joining the PNW Writer's association. It's very interesting how he came about writing in his current genre. I figured most authors would be more like me: passionate about a certain genre.

    I'm a new follower via the A to Z.

  2. I was a professor of creative writing for many years and if you get the right mix of writers critiquing one another, it can ba invaluable.

  3. Great video clip. Very informative. And I agree about the importance of a good critique group. Mine has saved my novel many times!

  4. Author of the Sapphire Flute series, Karen Hoover, loves gross detail outlining. It only makes my head spin and I feel limited as I write. I love general points and then fly!

    A to Z co-host