Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keep Writing

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I started writing at home.  Not sharing anything with anyone except my mother, who proclaimed I was a genius.  Must be true.

Then I became a 'Teacher of the year' finalist for the school district...it was because of my writing. Well, I got a ton of help from a dear friend of mine...it was like boot camp for writing. Just what I needed. It is crazy that I went from that to now being a paid writer.

I can't live off my writing, yet. But I will...it will happen. I know it will. The more I write the more opportunities come up.  The key is keep writing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ira Glass, The 2 Big Pitfalls

The more you are yourself the more compelling you become.  Wish I had seen this a year ago...I was trying to be David Baldacci.  I am not him.  He is great at being him and this time around I have become myself.

I love what he said about focusing not only on self but on my interactions with the world and those I encounter. I can impersonate everyone that I run into.  I observe those around me ready to use those quirks and ticks for characters that come out of me. He is saying that, that needs to be harnessed for adding suspense to story and moving the story along.

Ira Glass has taught me about pacing, the simplicity of movement within the story and several techniques for creating suspense.  I look forward to sharing your more writing advice from the masters.  Until then be yourself when you write...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ira Glass the Importance of Recognizing the Bad

I think this was why I am still writing the first novel that I finished last year.  I wrote the story and some how it didn't work, I didn't know the characters and the town was this angry backdrop that didn't make sense.  It took me abandoning it to find the real story.

Are  you putting yourself in the pattern to produce enough crap? It is the only way that you will find something special.

Confession time: I know I have not been in the zone lately.  A writer who isn't writing..well is a reader.  I commit to get 5,000 words this week.  (And that does not count my blogs.)