Friday, June 24, 2011

The New Face of Interactive E-books

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Touch Press has given us a glimpse of the book that the next generation will read.

It works as an itunes application that can be purchased and downloaded. The Waste Land application has the poem, the poem read by 40 different actors and speakers, and a dramatic film of the poem. There is also a section for those interested in a more educational experience.  One side of the screen is the poem and by holding your finger on a line the text notes will come up on the other side of the screen.  They explain the references and meaning behind the words.  The makers also have the actual poem written by his own typewriter and edited by he and his wife.

What are the implications of this type of e-book?
  • Textbooks, already on the way out, may have this as the nail in their coffin.  The students will instead download the information on phones, and tablets.  There is greater ability to stay current and to dig deeper into a text.  That single app can teach the techniques in revision for English classes, the interconnection of literature and the dramatic speaking technique.  
  • When someone purchases an e-book application what is it the customer wants that won't detract from the story?  
    • I can see attaching the voice readers to it.  I have many friends that are huge fans of audio books and putting the two together seems a natural.  
    • I am not sure everyone wants to see the scanned edits of every book they read. Nor do I think that the writers would all be willing to let those be released.
    • The text explanation seems like the directors cut of story writing.  I like that.  It is a great way to share research and where ideas stem from.  It is a little like what J.K. Rowling is doing with her Pottermore website.  If you haven't heard...J.K. Rowling has announced the opening the of her own social network.  It will be Harry Potter everything with back stories, games, and challenges.  The most exciting part is her selection of e-books that will only be able to be purchased on her site. She has cut her publishers out of the loop and is working with Sony to put out this amazing technological wonder. 
What kinds of things do you think this type of application should be equipped to carry?

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  1. Wow, this is so neat. The last thing I expect to see following a post heading about e-books is a photo of T.S. Eliot! He still rocks, man.