Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get Out of the Way of Your Writing Flow

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If you have been involved in any art then you  know all about the flow.  If you are new it is the magical minutes and if you are lucky, hours that the product is coming through you.  You are no longer there sweating out the prose.  Instead you are typing fast as you can. Doing your best to capture it as it pours out of you into an elegant prose. 

It is a truly exciting feeling.  Some might even say, erotic.  

It all starts with routine.  I know I say that a ton. If you use smells, like a certain perfume, or candle when you start writing then you mind will know it is time to go to flow.  However, you can use routine too.  Everyday at a certain time you get up you write.  You have lunch you write. Whatever routine you chose stick to it.  That will strengthen your connection to the almighty flow.  It is like any muscle the more it is used the more readily you can get into it.  

What process do you use to get into flow? 


  1. Great post. It is hard sometime to get butt in seat. But it must be done - or the book won't be.

  2. I am not a writer but then when I start to write the recipe for my food, I somehow could connect the dish to a story in my life. Can I say I get the flow from food blogging?

  3. Love love that image! I totally agree that we have a writing muscle, and it does strengthen with use. (Thanks for discovering my spot, so I could discover yours!)

  4. Like you said, the flow just comes.
    But for me its mostly to do with the pictures. I can weave a story based on the photographs that I click :-)