Monday, July 14, 2014

My Nerdy Obsession- iTunes U

This summer I have discovered greatness.  It isn't new but this is the first time I checked out iTunes U.   I have taken all sorts of fun and free online courses.  I have learned about branding myself, and looked into writing techniques. 

Once I experienced those I had to try out some history courses.  The best part about college for me was listening to my older professors tell their stories.  They paint pictures of lives, times and tragic events with such passion I feel like I am there.  I love history.  I have found something like my old college experience on iTunes U.   "Teach-In on America's Founding" is a collection of teachings about our country's founding with national leaders in civic education throughout the United States. It is like hanging out with the grown ups at Christmas and hearing about the old days.  The video, George Washington's Gift by Professor David Hackett Fisher made me want to sit cross legged at his feet and listen to him over and over. He describes Washington like a dear old friend.  I have already watched the hour long video 3 times.  So good!

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