Sunday, July 8, 2012

Set yourself up for success

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There is a point as a writer you have to decide if you want to keep this as a hobby or take it pro. I have been tottering on the edge and have finally taken the plunge.

It is funny...I would be bankrupt if I had treated a traditional business like I have been treating my writing. You know if you were opening a business you would commit everything you had to it.  It is yours and you dare not risk your huge investment.  The only problem is that many writers don't see what they do daily as an investment.  We have our computers and internet so when we research for hours and write an extremely powerful piece on Monday we figure we can give ourselves a break on Tuesday.  Right?  I know I have. I think it speaks to my slow rate of success especially in the beginning.  But can you imagine if you owned a store and had a great day on Monday and made a pile of money would you shut down for Tuesday because you were tired.

Yesterday I was cruising around the blogosphere and found a great post.  She stated that writers should create their own business plan. You would do it for any other business. For a brief minute 6 years ago I thought I wanted to leave teaching and go into business.  During that time, while getting my MBA, I discovered the importance of having a plan for your business.  A business that has a plan knows where to invest time and resources.  If one area is in a lull then there are other areas to focus on growing.  With no plan there is a lot of running around like a crazy person and nothing happening or if it accidently does it is a shock to everyone and tough to replicate.

The main goal of a business plan is to define your business as a writer.  It makes you ask what type of writing do you want to do?  What audiences can you write for? How do you want to develop your brand? Where do you see yourself as a writer in three, five and ten years?

I have been working on my business plan for the last two days.  It is not easy. There is math involved.  (Not my favorite.) But it is well worth it. Invest in yourself and define your future..create a business plan if you are ultimately dreaming of taking this pro.

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