Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Follow that dream...plan your trip

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We survived yet another NaNoWriMo, a doomsday prophecy, Christmas with the family and snowcation. That can only mean one is time to get back to setting up those writing goals for the New Year.

I am a huge fan of creating list, so goal and resolutions are a yearly favorite.  Somethings to keep in mind as you start to come up with your own list...

  • Time is ticking.  Be honest with yourself and the restrictions you have on your day. By setting up a clear regular schedule you are preparing your brain for writing. The same time everyday the process becomes easier and you can slip into the flow of it faster.  
  • Re-writing takes time.  It is the beautiful stage where your lump of clay becomes refined with an artistic hand.  Make sure that serious time is given for this process, it is not one that can be rushed.
  • Final edits are important.  There is nothing more frustrating then reading a book and tripping over the text because of grammar and spelling issues. If you feel it is at the stage where it is time to pass it on don't be cheap, pay someone else you trust to look it over and weed out the problems.  I have been on the receiving end of this before...please make sure that you have given it an honest attempt to fit within the commonly acceptable guidelines of our English language before expecting your poor friend to fix your pile of random words.   
  • Publishing is a business for a reason.  All artist want their art shared. The process to getting it out there is scary, heartbreaking and requires just as much and sometimes much more research than writing your sweet labor of love. It is important to give this time but to also remember to keep writing. Don't let yourself get swallowed alive and stop the creating that you love. 
I have a huge favor to ask....please take my survey.  I will not track your name, or anything like that I just need information to better serve you, dear reader.  

Thank you.

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