Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ira Glass the Importance of Recognizing the Bad

I think this was why I am still writing the first novel that I finished last year.  I wrote the story and some how it didn't work, I didn't know the characters and the town was this angry backdrop that didn't make sense.  It took me abandoning it to find the real story.

Are  you putting yourself in the pattern to produce enough crap? It is the only way that you will find something special.

Confession time: I know I have not been in the zone lately.  A writer who isn't writing..well is a reader.  I commit to get 5,000 words this week.  (And that does not count my blogs.)

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  1. Hey, V. Sorry to take so to visit your blog. Love your header!

    I know what you mean about not writing; I seem to be going through one of those phases at the moment. I sometimes think if I added up all the words I've written on my blog, I'd have enough for a novel.